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Offer in-store PropVault to your customers with VaultIT!™ technology

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Paul - Memphis, TN

I was able to use PropVault to provide a detailed list of assets on my last loan application.

  Home Free

Store up to 5000 items with up to 7 pictures per item at no cost!

Customer Feedback

Mike - Seattle, WA
When my house was burglarized, I was able to provide the police with a complete list of what was missing, including serial numbers and pictures. My bike was recovered from a pawn shop with the help of this information. This is a great service and I highly recommend it.

Melissa - Houston, TX
My house burnt down and I was afraid that working with my insurance company would be like pulling teeth. But with PropVault, I gave my insurance company a list of my things in an official, verified report. Working with my insurance company has never been easier!

Olivia - Queen Creek, AZ
I love knowing that in the event of a disaster, all my important information is stored in a safe place. Thanks, PropVault!